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Crypton fabric is an excellent choice for use in contract and residential upholstery applications. It is the
choice of fabric byhotels, restaurants, cruise ships and health care facilities. Crypton finish is a high
performance barrier finish, with stain, moisture and microbial resistance.

Finally a fabric that helps take the stress out of life!

Sticky fingers, muddy paws, even the toughest of stains, spills and odors clean up with ease. Introducing
Cryton Home Fabrics, a GREENGUARD Certified textile that ensures your new furniture stays beautiful and
lasts longer. And since Crypton's breakthrough performance technology won't wash away, you'll be free to
stress less, play more and live clean.

Easy-Clean: Crypton Home Fabric is super easy to clean, but it is not self-cleaning. Most liquid spills will
simply blot off the surface with a dry towel. And for more difficult stains, just follow these simple
spot-cleaning instructions:

Wipe away excess mess using a clean dry towel

Mix a simple soap and water solution

Apply and agitate with a soft-bristle brush

Blot with clean towel

Rinse thoroughly, and repeat if necessary

We recommend mixing 1 tsp. enzyme laundry detergent, like Tide or Cheer with 2 cups warm water. And
remember, soap attracts dirt, so rinse thorougly.

**registered trademark of Crypton, Inc.

at, Schindlers Cleveland Ohio
Robert Allen Crypton Elan Damask UTR Rain Multi-Purpose decorating fabric, medium weight, screen print on cotton duck with slub