DIY uphostery training guide and manual with the tricks of the trade
Upholstery how-to DIY training guide and manual
Professional Upholstering, All the Trade Secrets, paperback book by Frank T Destro, Jr

fast becoming the authorative work

(by the way, Frank was originally trained by Peter Schindler, the founder of Schindler's Fabric)

This book is a one-of-a-kind, educational, easy-to-follow How-To guide for the do-it-yourselfer
as well as the skilled craftsman.

Every step of the way is clearly illustrated with more than 600 photographs and more than 85
tips! Now you can learn all the trade secrets.


How to make a zippered pillow with pleated corners and welted seams

How to make two styles of dining room seats

How to make a zippered cushion

How to repair frames and touch up the wood

Featured project: A fully upholstered wing chair and matching footstool
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