Designers/Upholsterers/Workrooms Only
Our Shop has been in business since 1938 but we have only been online for about a
year. For those of you in your own business, you know what the mega-store phenomenon
is doing to the smaller service oriented operations. This was somewhat of an experiment
for our business; our sites and store are home-grown, often amateurish, but always
sincere.  Our experience has been eye-opening. Customer demand for real alternatives
is surprisingly strong. We now have customers from every State, including Hawaii and
Alaska, and internationally as close as Canada and as far away as Australia.

Our customers have been warm, receptive and patient while we proceed through our
learning curve.  In response to multiple requests from those of you in the trade, we are
beginning to institute a designer, upholsterer, workroom discount and affiliate program.

What we propose to offer:

Have your customers take advantage of our selections and prices and earn rebates
and/or shop credits for future orders.

Get advance information regarding our planned sales and new product offerings and get
access to non-public pages on our sites.

Get listed as affiliates for on-line referrals or links to your own web site.

Get access to our Webmaster for advice if exploring the possibility of going on-line
yourself, or have us host a web page for your business.

We are also exploring the possibility of a franchising program to offer local sample
store/centers nationwide as a result of customer demand.

Interested?    Call Randy or Judi at (216) 281-8244 or email us at
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