Sample Libraries
Our Cleveland Store is an open to the public retail
store featuring the designers you want, including
DuraLee  Fabrics, Kravet, Fabricut, JF, Latimer
Alexander, JAB, Waverly, Mayer, Luxury,
Peachtree, P Kaufmann, Braemore, Swavelle, Mill
Creek, Ametex, Covington, Spectrum, No.1 Textiles,
World Linen, Libas Silks, Catania, Conso, WWF,
UT Designs, Trimland Trims, Zimmerman. In our
store we have leather hides, drapery and
upholstery hardware, foam and special order
sample libraries with over 5000 samples.

If you are looking for a particular Designer pattern
or other product not in our Web Store, please visit
us at our store, call us at (216) 281-8244  or Email
us at with the company
name, pattern, color, and quantity information for a
quote on price, availability and shipping.
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