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Libas Kelly Brass 100% Silk Closeout Fabric
Glasgol Silks Pattern G179 Color Flax Silk Home Dec Discount Designer Fabric
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Glassgall Upholstery Weight Silk Fabrics
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Libas Silks Color5-16 Stripe Silk Home Decor Fabric - click on for more images
Libas Silks Color 5-16 Stripe 100%
Silk Home Decor Fabric
S011907-002, 54"W, Design Brown
Taupe Tan Cream Vertical Stripes,
Discount Designer Price $33.50 per
yard, limited quantity
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Silk Dupion Fabrics, Multiple Colors - click on to see addtional pictures
Silk Dupioni
Libas Embroidered Silk Bali Fire at Schindler's Fabrics - click to see additional pictures
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Discount Designer Silk Drapery Panel Home Decor Fabric with Embroidery Borders Color Ruby - click for more pictures
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Discount Designer Silk Drapery Home Decor Fabric Pattern Indian Ocean Color 5023 -click for more images
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Raw Silk Window Treatment and Drapery Home Decor Fabric Indian Ocean Color 5057 - Click for page
Raw Silk Window Treatment and
Ocean Color 5057 S090707-003
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Click for Ralph Lauren ANTIQUE SATIN color GOLD Fabric RL-LFY65339F from Book: Salon De Chine Page
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color GOLD Fabric
RL-LFY65339F page
premium high end silk embroidered crewel home decorating fabric
See Silk Crafts Hawthorne color
Marine crewel fabric