Discount Designer Trim, Tassels, Fringe and Cording
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Dazzling Trim
Catania, Nantucket and
WWF tassel trims
Conso, WWF and
Zimmerman trims,
tassel fringe and
See other Stock Tassel Trims
See Large Picture Trimland Organdy Cord Trim Bullion Fringe color 8819
Other Stock Items
Conso and WWF
Trims and Fringe
See Trimland Cord Trim Bullion Fringe Color 7712 Picture
Chateau Duke Tassel Trims, Click for expanded picture
Trimland Trims
See WWF (World Wide Fabrics) Tassel Trims
See Conso, WWF and Zimmerman Co Trim and Fringe Large Picture
Chateau Duke Tassel
Conso, WWF and
Zimmerman trims, fringe
and cording
WWF Tassel
Fabric and Trim Matches
Parisia Ltd Tassel Cut Fringe Cord Trim, click on to expand picture
P Kaufmann Medici and Cosimo Fabrics Color
Red Multipurpose Fabric with trim collection
P Kaufmann Medici and Cosimo Multipurpose with Trim
Accent trim for
indoor/outdoor fabrics,
click on product picture for
content information, click
on color inset for color
identification, price per
yard, 3 yard minimum
order, 2-3 week delivery,
special introductory sale
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Drapery Finials, Rods, Brackets, Rings and Tie Backs
Unique Custom Design Drapery Finials, Sconces, Brackets, Rods, Rings, Tiebacks
Custom Finished Traditional Drapery Hardware
Custom Finished Contemporary New Trends Drapery Hardware
Larger Window Drapery Hardware Newport Line
Custom Finished Newport
Drapery Hardware,
Scaled for Today's Larger
Custom Finished New
Trends Line of Drapery
Custom Finished
Traditional Elegance Line
of Drapery Hardware
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